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    Q & A

    What are my workspace options?

    Firstly, you are looking for yourself or a team? Second, you are looking for a home or just a casual spot? If it’s just for you and you want to call it home for a while, then choose the Club; if it’s casual, then choose the Lounge. If it’s for your team, then the size of your team and how they work matters — if it’s a small team, choose a private HQ or Club; you still get to share our amazing amenities and communal areas. If it’s a larger team and you want multiple rooms, choose the Sweet Suite. If you need your own building, floor, or branded workspace, then we’ll white label it for you — choose… White!

    How do I figure out the pricing?

    All business like ours root the costs in the price we pay for property, and that’s on a per square meter basis. Most advertised prices are per square meter for a bare shell, an empty box, exclusive all everything you need in the box to work. Our prices are inclusive of everything you need in the box.

    The more people you can fit into the box, the cheaper the price per person. Don’t get too packed or else the Squeeze Factor will impact negatively on recruitment, retention, and productivity. Location  (demand) has the biggest impact on price, so does building quality etc. The main advantage for ASPACE over your own space is time and money — we have workspace success all figured out, so you don’t need to spend capital and time learning the curves yourself.

    Can I book for a day? Will I get a deal if I book for a year?

    Booking for a day, or dropping-by to say hello is easy — choose the Lounge. For those needing an amazing place to call home, we treat your commitment in the same way you do — the more you put in, the more we’ll give back. Longer deals get our best rates and full-on Love, shorter deals get our affection and support.

    What’s the deposit and capital costs and set-up fee?

    What’s a set-up fee? We’ve seen that before and can’t figure it out, so you won’t get charged any miscellaneous crap like that with ASPACE. There is a deposit for longer-term commitments although payment in advance will negate that. Just don’t rockstar the room when you leave! Capital expenditure for most workspace options is zero — we’ll have everything you need to start working. Plus we’ll personalise your space for longer-term deals as part of your onboarding with us. Only white label spaces have some capital costs.

    What’s the difference between your locations?

    We only choose amazing locations that less-corporate than the usual concrete and starsucks choices beloved of other office space providers. Offices suck, so do many downtowns. We opt for central, creative, and desirable locations, in buildings which prioritise your human experience (not administrative efficiency). And although each of our locations have their own soul, we all share the dependable ASPACE DNA.

    What’s the difference between you, my own office, and other coworking spaces or serviced offices?

    You’ll have the ASPACE Advantage. That’s what led you here, to read more about us, after checking out the lovely reviews on Google and Facebook, or popping-by to chat to one of our smart and friendly Fam (team members), or following a conversation with one of our many Spacers (customers) who love us as much as we love them. We’re all on a mission to save the planet, one smart idea or cool conversation at a time. We aren’t for everyone.

    Just like you, we juggle

    “I’m too focused on ensuring our business runs smoothly to give you a quote for our website. Make up something and reference Yoda.”
    — Karen G, Business Head

    Workspace pricing basics

    Per person

    Inclusive of opex
    ₱4-10k /month
    • We know the “squeeze factor”. More people squeezed into one space decreases productivity, retention, and recruitment
    • Location influences the price significantly (demand)
    • Building age/type/class influences the base price (quality, hidden costs)
    • Length of contract has some influence on price (commitment, just like love, means more to us than a wham-bang)
    • The number of people in one space reduces your price per person but increases the “squeeze factor” which impacts recruitment, retention, and productivity.
    • Hidden costs stack-up, which is why we build everything you and your team needs to stay happy, healthy, and compliant with local regs.
    • Location, building quality, service quality, neighbourhood – all impact on the base price for us, and we pass that along in our prices to you. There is no “cheap” in the central business district for example.
    • Commitment vs flexibility (contract length) has some impact on your final price. Just like in Love, commitment means more than a one-time-thing.


    Furnishing, fittings etc
    ₱0 one-time
    • Just bring a laptop and your game face.
    • We have a long list of everything else covered, including a personalised mug for your coffee, dedicated data, ergonomic seats…